• Students are responsible to the school authorities not only for their conduct in the school but also for their general behavior outside. Any reported or observed objectionable conduct outside or in the school on the part of the student will make the him/her liable to disciplinary action.
  • Politeness, courtesy, regularity and implicit obedience are expected all the times.
  • Students should maintain absolute silence during morning assembly and while moving to classroom, silence should also be maintained while moving to / or from P.T. classes and the library.
  • General Assembly is compulsory for all staff and students, late comers may be sent home.
  • Students must speak in English always while in school and maintain a high standard in their conversation.
  • The Name, Class and section of the students should be clearly marked on all the belongings of the students.
  • Every student should be neatly dressed for the school. The school uniform must be worn on all working days.
  • Students should refrain from carrying valuable items to the school. Students should not bring books, Comics pictures, periodicals, transistors, radio, Tape recorders, Mobile Phones etc. to the school.
  • Students are not allowed to used the school telephone without the permission of the principal, neither will they be summoned to answer the phone calls.
  • Talking loudly, shouting and whistling is not allowed in the school premises.
  • Students are not allowed to buy eatable from vendors outside the school premises.
  • All boys should sport trimmed hair cut at all times. This rule does not apply to those students who are bound by religious laws.
  • All girls should not apply nail polish, kajal and mehndi during the school session. Jewellery should also not be worn in school. They should tie 2 placts and a hair band as told by the school.
  • No slang language should be used in the school premises.
  • Students should not scribble, carve name or damage the school furniture, charts, walls etc. Any damage caused will have to be paid by the students concerned.
  • Students are not allowed to carry mobile phones, cameras and ipods etc. to the school on any pretext.
  • Students should respect school property and should not damage school furniture, write or draw on walls, furniture etc. Any damage done will be borne by one who cause it.
  • No students is allowed to come to school in a self-driven scooter, motor cycle or car.
  • The school reserve the right to respond/expel students whose conduct is harmful to other students or to the school.
  • Any student who fails twice in the three years will not be permitted to continue his/her studies in the school.
  • Every student must have a minimum of 75 percent of attendance to school. (unless medically advised) to be promoted to the next class.
  • No students will be permitted to leave the school during the class/test. Parents/Guardians should ask written permission from the principal.


  • Parents are requested to co-operate with the school authorities by enforcing regularity and discipline and active interest in the school activities.
  • Parents must ensure that their children have prepare the lessons well and have completed their home works if any before coming to the school.
  • Parents must check the calendar for occasional notices/report produced if any.
  • Parents must fill the school diary completely and sign to produce specimen signature.
  • Parents must fill up and sign the leave and absence record given in the school diary. No application of the leave will be entertained.
  • Parents/Guardians are especially requested to notify the school to any change of their address.
  • Parents must sign the notebooks of their ward once in a fortnight to ensure that the corrections have been made by the students periodic progress have been checked.
  • Parents/Guardians of the children in the junior school are requested to sign as having seen.
    • The notice send out periodically.
    • The assignments given to the children for out of class hours.
    • Exercise books in which work has been assessed.
    • Report cards.


  • Students are expected to take part in games, sports and others school activities in pure team spirit and a spirit of sportsmanship.
  • Children must learn to work and play together. The team spirit in necessary and healthy in all spheres of school life. Children should remember that their behaviour on the field is as important as there behaviour elsewhere.
  • Participation in Inter house activities and school functions are obligatory Failure to comply with this as punishable as deemed to the examination.


  • Test will be held for all the classes as per arrangements made by the teachers concerned. The marks obtained will be added to the Examination.
  • The I assessment examination for Nur-V, Class will be held in May-July, II assessment will be held in August/September, III Assessment in November/December and IV assessment will be held in February/March.
  • The first terminal examination for VI-IX classes will be held in August. II term in November and Final examination will be held in February/March.
  • The Mid-term examination for X, XI & XII classes will be held in October and Final examination for class XI will be held in February/March.
  • The preliminary examination for X and XII classes will be held in January followed by The ICSE and ISE Board examination in February/March.
    Note: Unit Tests of 20 Marks for classes VI to IX, X, XI, XII also will be held on the scheduled dates.
  • Appearance at test and examinations is compulsory. If the child is absent, he/she will be given a zero promotion to the next higher class will be made on the basis of test.
  • Medical certificate will not be a guarantee for promotion and must be submitted from a MBBS Medical practitioner before examination along with photocopy of necessary documents. reports, prescriptions, cash memos etc.


  • The promotions of students will be based on Examinations Tests and work done throughout the year.
  • Students from class I to V must pass in all subjects with 35% marks in each subject.
  • Students from class VI to XII must pass in all subjects with 40% marks in each subject.
  • Promotion refused will not be reconsidered, parents/guardians are requested not to approach the Principal in this connection.
  • A minimum attendance of 75% of the working days is necessary for appearing in the examinations and promotions.
  • The school does not undertake the responsibility to retain the answer scripts for more than one month after the examination.
  • All cases of promotion in case of doubt are left entirely to the discretion of the principal. His decision will be final and binding to all and no interview in this connection will be granted.
    Students are responsible for looking after their books, personal items etc.
  • A student failing for two successive years will have to leave school.


  • Parents should ensure to meet the teachers on the PTM days at the allotted timings.
  • Parents should be present on the day of PTM.
  • Parents/Guardians of the junior school may contact the teachers on second Saturday of the month between 10-00 a.m. to 11-00 a.m. regarding the progress of their children.


  • In the month of April Annual Fees (Games, Electricity, National Festivals, Awards etc.)
  • In month of May – May & June fees will be charged together.
  • In month of July – July & August fees will be charged together.
  • In month of September – September & October fees with term fees.will be charged together.
  • In month of November – November & December fees will be charged together.
  • In month of January – January , February & March fees with term fees will be charged.


  • One month notice in writing must be given by the guardian to collect T.C.from the institution to withdraw his/her ward,one month’s full fee must be paid in liew of one months notice. Students absent for longer period and applying upto the day of submitting the application plus one month’s notice or one months full fees as the case may be. The principal has right to after or change the above rules without assigning any reason.
  • Depositing the fees in the Bank of Baroda, Raebareli does not entitles the child to be on the nominal roll/scholar’s Register of the school.
  • Name of the fee defaulter may be stuck off the Nominal role of the school after the 10th the following months.
  • Re admission may be considered only it vacancy exists re-admission for Rs. 200/-
  • A fine of Rs. 80/- will be charged of the school diary is lost or torn.


  • School uniforms must be worn on all working days and while attending school functions.
  • The prescribed uniform is as follows Monday to Saturday.

    • Girls: Cream colour & red check color collar shirt, Red check Tunic, Grey socks, Grey scarf (in winter) Faun color socks, Plain Black shoes Belt (Half and full sleeves shirt as required in summer and winter)
    • Boys: Cream, color red check color collar shirt, Red check pant, Faun colour socks, Plain black Shoes, Belt (Half and full pants as required in summer and winter)

    • Class I-V:
    • Girls: Cream colour shirt, Greyish blue tunic, School tie with engraved monogram, School socks Faun colour with blue lining. Plain black shoes (no fancy shoes) full sleeves shirt, grey slacks and grey colour scarf (in winter).
    • Boys: Cream colour shirt, Greyish blue Pant, School tie with engraved monogram, Faun Socks with blue lining. Plain black shoes (no fancy shoes) full sleeves shirt and pant and grey caps as required (in winter).

    • Class VI-XII:
    • Girls: Cream colour shirt, Greyish blue divided skirt, School blue tie with monogram, Faun belt, Socks, Shoes, Black (plain), Full sleeves shirts, slacks, grey scarf as required in winter.
    • Boys: Cream colour shirt, Greyish blue full pant, School blue tie with monogram, faun belt, Socks with blue lining. Shoes (Plain) black (Full sleeves shirt as required).

  • On Wednesday and Saturday (From Montessori to Class XII:)
    • Girls: White shirt, white tunic/divided skirt, white socks with yellow lining , tie, belt, P.T. canvas shoes in compulsory.
    • Boys: White Shirt, white shorts/full pant, white socks with yellow lining, tie, belt, P.T. canvas shoes is compulsory.
  • Peacock blue colour blazer with school monogram must be worn during the winter classes (Mont- XII) Grey full and half sweaters with cream single lining on neck and sleeves must be worn (Mont.-XIII)
  • Children in improper uniform will not be permitted to attend the classes.

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