St. James' School & College is one of growth in the service of the community and the country. Today, St. James' School & College is an Intermediate College and is recognised by the Uttar Pradesh Government and is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate (I.C.S.E./I.S.C.) New Delhi.


"Every child to become a Creative Child"

We in our school, chase dreams and vision day after day throughout the academic year.

First in the field of Academics-Scholastic teaching and learning process, we set before us a target of creating zero zone of students securing less than 60 % marks. We insure with diagnostic approach that He or She is fully mobilized. A few aspects of development apart from raising the bar of summative evaluation, we have directed our energy towards the formative aspects, atleast a few of them namely conversational skills, assignments, projects ad quizzes. On the other front we created vision and dreams relating to co-scholastic and physical wellbeing and fitness. The quality and brightness of our debates and elocutions continue to be upswing. Our aim is this direction being that we see in each student a potential debater and elocutionist.


To impart knowledge, to inculcate human values, and to develop a sense of self esteem in students so as to transform STJ dream vision into reality.


  • Love of Knowledge
  • Zest for pursuit of Excellence
  • Respect for each Human Being
  • Respect for all God’s Creation
  • Lifting up those who need Help
  • Going for the Gold – The best and highest achievements.


  • Loving God and all Creation.
  • Having a Dream – Vision
  • Striving single mindedly for Accomplishment
  • Impeccable Personal Grooming
  • iscernment of Right, Good and Beautiful
  • Punctuality, Integrity, Humility, Self Reliance, Serenity & Joyfulness
  • Being activators for the change for the better
  • Adjusting continually to the changes that elevate society to higher and more humane standards and innovations for creating a new and better tomorrow.

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